On authenticity

I am looking at her from across the table, the square corners draped in linen covered with paper, the wide expanse of the restaurant landscape behind her. The static of the others hums behind us, and I see what is happening behind her eyes as one who has been there. She says perhaps the one … More On authenticity

On cannonballs

My feet inch closer on the concrete, and I take in the pale grey of the surface, feeling the rough edges beneath my toes. I move back as I observed the others, thinking a running start is the best and only option for entry. There are signs contraindicating forward motion of this sort, but having … More On cannonballs

On talking sense

  The pile in front of me is approximately ten inches deep, and I continue to stare at it for another five minutes, my hand hovering just above the stack so that it won’t tip over. I pull the most recent document from the top and find myself reading through it again, seeing my name … More On talking sense

On being replaceable

We are preparing for our “academic experience” as required by University policy, and I glance out the window to see the intensity of the snow has increased slightly as students are trudging across campus to various buildings and 8 am exam assignments. This introductory group of bleary-eyed students is slowly making their way into the … More On being replaceable

On cadence

The belt underneath me begins to move as I glance at my watch and exhale carefully noting there are exactly 72 minutes in which to concentrate my run today. The fatigue in my face echoes through my bones and resonates in my hip as I adjust my headphones, inching up the music that is intended … More On cadence