On burning

It is early on a Saturday morning. The sun has not yet found its way above the horizon, but I feel her creeping into the corners of my consciousness and the quiet embers start to smolder. Under the warmth of nighttime covers my legs agitate, and I know it is time. There is no hesitation … More On burning

On white space

There are two cats lounging to my left in the tall grass, one lazily licking at her left paw as she regards me, her leg stretched casually and her intense gaze letting me know my early morning stride has interrupted her morning ritual. Her partner is protracted in the morning sun in a manner suggesting … More On white space

On reassurance

Closing the door behind me, the faint glow of the sun is just off to my left, and I shiver slightly in the early morning chill. The promise of fall is in the August air, pulling a smile into my profile no one else is awake to notice. Settling the earbuds into their place, I … More On reassurance

On wildflowers

Her slow and deliberate steps make their way back to the seats next to me as we both try to ignore the disorder gathering in front of us. She pauses next to me, a hand evident with the richness with life and the marks of age as she gestures to vaguely at the publications in … More On wildflowers

On Julian

My car navigates into the parking lot as the skies darken. As always, I find the spots identifying “for cancer center patients” and hesitate in locating my vehicle in one with their close proximity to the building, scanning for a non-reserved location that might be further away. The internal battle that wages about the necessity … More On Julian

On losing time

It is well past the time at which I would normally find myself stretched out for the evening, a lump of fur next to me as I try to find a magical position that elicits some semblance of comfort for even a few moments to beg my neurons to stop firing. Instead I find myself … More On losing time