On amazing days

The sound of water slowly comes to a halt, and I can hear the pattern of his post-shower footfalls traverse from room to room above me. The weight of my eyes mimics the mass of his body above, increasing with each passing second as I hear the thud of his teenage body plummet down the … More On amazing days

On being immortal

She doesn’t want to be here. She is here as a result of subtle coercion from me, or perhaps as part of some sort of obligation to a variety of entities that plague her conscious. It’s not clear to me which, of any of these, might be true. Maybe it is something else entirely, but … More On being immortal

On Perfection

She waves to me from the end of the darkened hall, as we both balance too many bags indicating our workload for the day and suggesting neither of us fully paid attention to the idea of time off with a holiday haphazardly placed in the middle of a workweek. We talk about the previous day … More On Perfection