On quarters

She motions for me to be seated in the lobby in a nondescript, shabby, upholstered chair. I cannot help but wonder who has perched on the edge of the cushion before me as I stare straight ahead at the door I have entered countless times before to obtain a parking permit, never noticing the door … More On quarters

On card games

There are four of us in this of collection of boys and girls, although the sets of siblings are separated by a number of years and lighter hair and eyes contrast between the two pairs. It made for intriguing rumors except for the tell-tale features across our collective faces that clearly marked us as related. … More On card games

On trees

After fifteen hours of driving straight from our rented two-bedroom in the middle of the Mitten state through turnpikes with mediocre coffee and the threat of freezing rain, sleet, and snow, we arrive to the Farmhouse at the top of the hill barely able to see the mountain in the earliest of morning. The dog … More On trees

On family

My fingers are slightly blue in the tips, a purple tinge to the nails, as I carefully knot the ends of the thread several times. I check the fabric again as I hold the needle between my teeth, the pads of my fingers running over the blue embroidered M as I smile a bit wider. … More On family

On paper lanterns

Just a few feet in front of me, I cannot quite make out the crumpled heap that is tangled on the sidewalk and I dart into the street instead, casting a furtive glance up the embankment to see if there is movement among the pile. It is still, and I notice that I have been … More On paper lanterns