On Perfection

She waves to me from the end of the darkened hall, as we both balance too many bags indicating our workload for the day and suggesting neither of us fully paid attention to the idea of time off with a holiday haphazardly placed in the middle of a workweek. We talk about the previous day … More On Perfection

On when

The room is beginning to filter out, with participants from our conference session chattering to one another quietly as they exit. My co-presenter, a woman who left corporate banking to open a family-based child care setting, is talking with one of the attendees about some of the resources we shared during our presentation as I … More On when

On awards

My social media feed is a deluge of photos of children of various ages in arranged positions, arms wrapped around siblings with halfhearted smiles plastered across their faces. A variety of colors offer a parade of sorts as I scroll though, an assortment of paper and cloth caps and gowns, orchestrated poses and candid shots … More On awards

On finishing

The air is already heavy and thick with humidity, as bugs slog back and forth through the damp in slow motion. I glance down at the variety that have landed on my arm, thinking they must only be resting there out of sheer exhaustion rather than looking for a food source and feel badly in … More On finishing

On remembering

They told me I would forget. I don’t know how someone forgets something like that. There are parts I don’t remember because my mind has purposely disconnected from them as if it knows it is the only way to protect the rest of me. And then there are the pieces I have shoved so far … More On remembering